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Custom Sports Videos



Get the Edge You Need for the Exposure You Deserve

Custom Sports Videos

Professional Athletic College Recruiting Video of All Sports

Specializing in the Design and Production of:

  • College Recruiting HD Highlight DVD Packages
  • Keepsake/Sports history DVD for an investment in memories
  • College Exposure for All High School Athletes
  • Player Profile DVDs for All High School Sports
  • Complete Highlight Assembly and Video Editing

Why Choose Custom Sports Videos?

Custom Sports Videos is a division of Sports Unlimited LLC which was founded in 2005 and is a proud member of the Minneapolis/St. Paul BBB.

Any company can throw together a video. But only Custom Sports Videos gives you the edge you need for the exposure you deserve, giving you the best chance of receiving a college scholarship. To be recruited by a college program, most college coaches will request that you send them a video of yourself in action. These video packages are the ultimate way to market you to coaches seeking talent for their program. Now is the time to take that next step and dazzle college coaches with a video that showcases your athletic skills!

Colleges across the nation are always looking for talented high school athletes to become a part of their athletic programs. Many times, colleges offer partial or full scholarships to athletes who meet their criteria. CSV (Custom Sports Videos) gives you the best chance of exposure at the college level.

The college search for prospective student-athletes has evolved into a very competitive arena and one that will continue to be more challenging to navigate in years to come. You can choose to hope for the best, or you can choose to roll your sleeves up and get busy. The dream to participate in college sport is a passion shared by many of our sons and daughters in an effort to compliment a tremendous four-year experience and I suggest you "pick up the baton and run." Just as our boys and girls have committed countless hours to grow their athletic skill that carried them to their current level of success, so can a meaningful and dedicated effort help our student-athletes find the right college match. I encourage you therefore to rise up, stay focused and swing for the seats. -- Tom Kovic

Tom Kovic is a former Division I college coach and the current director of Victory Collegiate Consulting, where he provides individual family advisement and guidance on college recruiting.

Why use CSV Productions instead of making your own video?

Coaches receive videos every day from parents of athletes. Your production must stand out from the start or the chances of a coach viewing your video are very slim.

Unless you are located in a large city with its own university, play for a state championship contender, or are an All-Star caliber player with LeBron James talent, your exposure may be limited to your local area. Many times parents will take it upon themselves to gain exposure for their high school athlete by either sending a written resume to the colleges or putting together a video of their own to showcase their athlete. The problem with this is that parents are not video producers, and their video production abilities are limited.

Competitive pricing.

We offer basic recruiting package pricing as well as additional package options to fit your budget and meet your production needs.

First impressions are paramount for college consideration, and CSV puts together an excellent tool for the best presentation of a student athlete. Our HD highlight DVD packages include:

  • Individual athlete spotlighting
  • Professional, personalized custom packaging and design for each production
  • Player profile information, stats, and contact info

When should you start the college recruiting video exposure process?

Talented high school athletes should start the college exposure process no later than the end of their junior year. Many of our clients start the exposure process at this time. Some of our college recruiting videos has been submitted in annual segments, showing the athlete's abilities over a one or two year period. This also allows you to share game and tournament schedules with college scouts.

Your production will command attention from the start by the way it is packaged and received.

product We start with a professionally packaged production with impressive artwork on the DVD cover. The DVD case is personally designed with your name, sport, and photo, along with our video production logo, showing the coach that this is a professionally produced video production. We furnish you with an athlete information template, specifically designed for the sport you play, so you can share important information, statistics, and attributes, for us to include in your college recruiting video.

We produce a professional, polished, brief, and effective sports video production showcasing the athlete's skill fundamentals, game footage, graphics, music, titles, statistics, attributes, and scholastic and athletic achievements. Using slow motion, arrow and box highlighting, your video is sure to impress anyone viewing it. College coaches will see your commitment to showcasing your abilities.

We have invested thousands of dollars in computer editing equipment, software, and graphics to produce our premium college recruiting videos. We use professional HD cameras to ensure the highest-quality video possible. The price of the software and equipment, the learning curve of these software packages, and the initial investment you would need to produce a high-quality video is another good reason to hand over your college recruiting video to us.

This is a small initial investment compared to the huge return of a college scholarship.

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